Importance Of Regular Testing

August 5, 2021 0 Comments

COVID testing

You may have submitted yourself for voluntary testing at the earliest possible opportunity some time last year. At an earlier part of the lock-down restrictions, one should say. All things being said at the time this note was published; because so many things change so very quickly these days. All you knew back then, all they even knew back then was that there was one deadly virus, code-named COVID-19. But then along came the Delta variant.

And what else, what next after that? It is becoming so dangerous, so uncertain out there, it really is a very good and sensible idea to go in for regular COVID testing these days. Because this is the argument that could be put forward at this time. You may be one of those perfectly healthy ladies and gentlemen out there, comfortably going about your everyday business without any mishaps. Well, until such time that you erroneously sneeze.

And spread your disease without ever realizing it. You see, it is like this. Everyone’s immune systems are different. Some are so much weaker than all others, they would be most vulnerable to the virus. While others, just like you, get away without even a scratch. But the problem is this. While you display no common COVID-related symptoms, you’re able to go about your business. Or so you would have thought.

Because while you are doing that, you could have infected ten other people, one of whom may have died. And of those remaining nine people that you unknowingly infected, five of them may have infected fifty people more. And so it goes on and on and on. So the chain reaction of infections gets worse and worse and worse as every day passes you by. Get tested and stay masked.