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When we get older the last thing that we really want to think about is putting ourselves or others into a nursing facility or other type of assisted living care. There are new service companies like Above and Beyond Senior Placement Service – Phoenix, AZ that can help choose a facility, but when decisions are made it is important that the entire family have a say in their treatment because you want everyone to feel comfortable with the decision.

Why do we consider a care facility?

Above and Beyond Senior Placement Service - Phoenix, AZ

One of the main reasons that we consider these facilities is because they aren’t able to take care of themselves. The last thing anyone wants is to look in on an elderly family member everyday only to see them laying in bed. It can be very depressing for everyone involved. This can also be an issue for the elderly person as well. They don’t want their family members to see them wasting away from the strong individual they once were.

Understanding Memory Loss and Dementia

When we get older there are going to be times when we may experience memory loss or dementia. This is a very difficult process for everyone involved. It may be hard to see the time when they are unable to take care of themselves. You will need to research assisted living facilities that offer assisted memory care or assisted dementia care. This type of care focuses on assisting those with memory loss and dementia needs while allowing them to live in a more normal life.

Hospice Care

When you look at hospice care don’t think of it in a negative way, think of it as the best possible care they can receive. When we are put on hospice we are put into a situation where we are made as comfortable as possible. This type of care is for the individual who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and will not be able to recover. This means your loved one may require assisted living because they don’t have much time left. It is important that all family members are involved in the care of their loved one.

Discuss your wishes

When you are of sound mind and body it is important that you make your wishes known. If you don’t then people will assume and argue over what is best. Write it down, make a video and state your requests.